Community care

The organizational culture of our company is based on respect for commitment to work and respect for our business partners and colleagues, but also on fostering and emphasizing individual human values, which together with responsibility of our company creates an organizational climate in which care about the community is both individual and generalpriority.

Helping flood victims

Moj Kiosk Group Business System, whose part is Centrosinergija, actively participated in helping the victims of flood from the first day of the natural disaster that hit our country in May 2014. The fleet of Centrosinergija was ceded for the transport of humanitarian aid, equipment and people throughout the territory of Serbia. In addition, the company donated three million dinars to help those in need.

We donated additional funds to our employees who live in disadvantaged areas and who suffered damage during the floods, helping them overcome this difficult period.

We organized a campaign within the company to collect aid for the disadvantaged. The campaign had an excellent response which included all employees in accordance with their abilities. Assistance included funding, purchase of basic foodstuffs and hygiene products.

Social inclusion of the disabled

As part of social responsibility, Centrosinergija supports employment program for disabled persons. We believe that it is essential that every company should contribute to this category of the population in this way so that this category of population legally takes part in the society. One of the most important segments is certainly facilitating the realization of the right to work and the right to career advancement.