Distribution of printed media

Centrosinergija is the sole distributor of the press, which distributes throughout the territory of Serbia. In its distribution portfolio we have the current editions of all publishing houses that operate on the domestic market and in each moment we have more than 650 active titles in retail stores that we supply. The distribution of press is performed 365 days of the year in our vehicles.

  • We offer our customers the possibility of choice in each retail point of sale individually or for a certain group of retail points of sale;
  • We plan optimum press quantities for each point of sale based on sales history and data on unsold copies, which enables us to achieve good repletion of retail points of sale;
  • We have established regular communication of the circulation service and persons responsible in points of sale;
  • We enable electronic exchange of documents - transfer of information on obligations from our information system directly to POS terminals of each point of sale individually;
  • We pack press using pick-by-light technology;
  • We continually perform monitoring of planned and delivered press circulation;
  • We take back and process unsold copies from points of sale on a daily basis;
  • Our customers have access to the B2B online portal which gives them information of all relevant parameters related to newspaper sales in their retail points of sale.