Storage, commissioning, packaging and transport

A new model of distribution and logistics platform

The time of classical logistics and distribution with high costs and low efficiency is over. It is necessary to follow new trends based on lower costs and higher efficiency. Centrosinergija has recognized and developed this trend and need.

A new model of distribution and logistics platform

Our innovative distribution and logistics platform was initially based on the distribution of press and consumer goods through the network of Moj Kiosk kiosks, and then was extended to other retail networks. We currently supply more than 18.000 retail stores with goods from our portfolio. We have more than 260 vehicles which provide transport of goods, with a maximum coverage of the entire territory of Serbia, every morning, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, covering 11 million kilometers per year.

Our distribution and logistics platform makes process management much more efficient, and most important advantages are as follows:

  • Synergy of press, cigarettes, SIM cards and Bus Plus cards,
  • complete coverage of the national market,
  • increased delivery frequency,
  • 99,9% deliveries at the requested time, in requested quantities,
  • experience of delivery to more than 18.000 retail stores,
  • leading distributer to kiosks, one of the top three distributors for other retail stores,
  • B2B portal for informing customers and principals.